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Our ATV side-by-side vehicles (Electric & Petrol) are purpose-built for off-road traveling, designed specifically to be every farmer’s primary workhorse as well as for outdoor adventurers. Reliability and low maintenance are the name of the game and you need not look any further for the perfect side-by-side farm vehicle. Rugged, dependable, and powerful! And while the TUATARA is an ATV, it is more correctly a side by side ultra terrain vehicle (UTV) because the TUATARA will go where other ATVs won’t, and that’s a fact. The strength of the TUATARA is in its versatility, which also makes it ideal for beekeepers, hunters, agricultural contractors, horticulturists, and even for purely recreational use.

Choose your Petrol or Electric Tautara Options

Rugged, dependable, and powerful! 

This ATV side-by-side ultra terrain vehicle (UTV) will go where other ATVs won’t.  The Tuatara’s strength is its versatility, making it ideal for beekeepers, hunters, agricultural contractors, horticulturists, and even for purely recreational use.

Standard Equipment on all Tuatara UTVs includes:

Switchable 2WD/4WD, Differential Locks, Tow Bar and ball, Electric Winch, Fold-Down Windscreen, Running Lights and Roof Mounted Light Bar, Electric Rear Tray Hoist, High-Grip Tyres and much more.

Optional Purchase Items include a Full Glass Windscreen with wiper & washer bottle, Rear Cab Enclosure Window, matching Tilt Tray Utility Trailer, Lightweight ATV Cage, Full Doors and Half Doors.  Tyre and other options may be available on request.

2024 Models

petrol side-by-side ATV UTV farm vehicle NZ


Check out the latest Petrol Tuatara ATV side by side model.

electric side-by-side ATV UTV farm vehicle NZ


The eTUATARA Electric ATV is unquestionably the Market Leader by a country mile.  No off-road EV side-by-side can come close!

Trailer and accessories for side-by-side ATV UTV farm vehicle NZ


Our ATV accessories include an:  ATV Trailer, lightweight ATV Cage, Glass Windscreen Back window, Full doors or half doors.

“New Zealand’s Best New ATV”

NZ's Best Side By Side ATV UTV All-Terrain Vehicle

Geoff Hill from Tuatara ATV explains the unique features of the vehicle.

ATV? UTV? Side-by-side? What’s the difference?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are primarily designed for off-road use.
Ultra-terrain vehicles (UTVs) can handle even more challenging conditions.
And a side-by-side, or SXS, is an ATV with two or more seats, side by side.

So what’s the Tuatara? It’s all three: a side-by-side ATV with UTV vehicle capability.
Three times as tough and three times the fun!

Read more on the NZTA website.

100% FUN

Ultra Terrain Vehicle

The Low Maintenance ATV

The Tuatara has often been compared to the 1950s Land Rover or even the Willys Jeep, and we’re happy with those comparisons. In fact, in terms of where it will go, we’re sure that the Tuatara would be a match for either.

If it’s a steep climb to be tackled, there’s no need to get a run on. Just apply a low gear, and the Tuatara ATV vehicle will use its big fat high-grip tyres and differential lock on each axle, if needed, to casually climb to the top.

But it’s not just its capability and all-steel design that invites the comparison with these two off-road icons of the past. It’s also the simple engineering design of the Tuatara and its ease of access for servicing. You can do a lot of servicing or save big by taking the Tuatara straight to their local garage. There is no need to foot huge servicing and repair costs charged by the multi-national ATV suppliers.

100% Adventure


We can arrange freight by sea and/or land to most countries on request.

Maintenance & Service

The Tuatara ATV is designed for easy repair and servicing by the owner or at the local garage.

ATV/UTV Service Providers and Dealers

Enquire now about opportunities to become a service provider or distributor of Tuatara ATVs and accessories.  If you are interested in joining the Tuatara team with their market-leading farm and commercial side-by-sides, both petrol and electric modelsmake the enquiry now!

“This is hands down the most versatile ATV I have purchased for the farm.” 
Greg Farrier

“Brilliantly Engineered”

“Handles hills with ease”

“Looks and runs as reliably as a 1950’s Land Rover”

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