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Tuatara ATV.

 TUATARA 1500 Electric ATV


  • Maximum range 220kms(110 to 220km*). on a single charge;
  • Low, low running costs – equivalent 30c per litre of petrol;
  • Minimum servicing requirements – eg. no air intake, no carburation system, no exhaust, no oil changes;
  • Regenerative braking provides genuine engine braking on steep inclines and recharges the battery on the run;
  • 5 – 7 hour re-charge time;
  • Powerful 15kW water-cooled electric motor;
  • Semi-automatic, high / low ratio transmission;
  • Massive cargo deck – 1.6m x 1.4m x 30mm.;
  • Maximum cargo carrying capacity 750kgs;
  • Maximum towing capacity of 1,000kgs;
  • Equipped with 2WD / 4WD, differentials locks on each axle for amazing go-anywhere capability;


  • 220kms(110 to 220km*)

*Max range depends on the number of batteries required


The powerful 15kW electric motor, with semi-automatic high/low ratio transmission, combined with 26″ high‑grip CST 6‑ply tyres and 310 mm ground clearance, along with selectable 2WD / 4WD and differential-lock on each axle, provide a truly go-anywhere capability that makes the eTuatara suitable for almost any environment.


LED headlights, fog lights, and an amazingly powerful roof‑mounted LED light bar make the eTuatara an excellent platform for night work.

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    The eTUATARA Electric ATV is unquestionably the Market Leader by a country mile.  No off-road EV side-by-side can come close to achieving the 220 km. maximum range of the eTUATARA.  And the carrying and towing capacity, together with the go anywhere capability of this vehicle, to say nothing to the low running costs and the simplicity of a vehicle with no air intake, no carburation and no exhaust system, make the eTuatara an easy choice for a range of activities including farming, horticulture, agricultural contracting, beekeeping, adventure tourism, hunting and all manner of recreational pursuits.

    Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    Rated Power 15kW
    Peak Power 30kW
    Rated Speed 4,000rpm
    Maximum Speed 5,500rpm
    Rated Torque 35.8 N.m
    Maximum Torque 130 N.m
    Rated Current 150A
    Peak Current 400A
    Water Protection IP67
    Insulation Grade High
    Cooling Method Water
    Radiator equipped with thermo-fan
    Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Capacity 13kWh or 26kWh
    Charging time 5 – 7 hours
    Maximum Range 220kms (With 26kWh battery)
    Suspension (Front) Independent single A-arm with MacPherson strut
    Suspension (Rear) Independent, double A-arms with dual coil springs

    Drive shafts operated through a transfer case, front &

    rear differentials with CV axles, selectable 2WD / 4WD

    Brakes Hydraulic discs with booster assist (Front & rear)
    Chassis & frame

    All steel, ladder design chassis – entire structure

    subjected to electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment

    Maximum speed 60 km/h
    Maximum load (Rear cargo tray) 550 kg
    Maximum load (Front cargo tray) 150 kg.
    Recommended tyre pressure (Front & rear)

    15 psi


    Winch – Maximum pulling capacity 1,450 kg
    Ground clearance 310 mm
    Wheel base 2400 mm
    Physical dimensions 3580 mm (L) x 1550 mm (W) x 2065 mm (H)
    Rear cargo tray 1600 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 300 mm (H)
    Net weight 1100 kg

    The Perfect Electric Farm Vehicle

    “This is hands down the most versatile ATV I have purchased for the farm.”

    “Brilliantly Engineered”

    “Handles hills with ease”

    “Looks and runs as reliably as a 1950’s Land Rover”

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    ATV accessories for the Tuatara and other farm vehicles.

    Tuatara ATV Trailer

    ATV trailer

    The ATV trailer is specifically designed to be towed behind the Tuatara side-by-side, but it works well with any other larger capacity ATV’s, or even an on-road motor vehicle.
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    Tuatara ATV Tow-behind flail mower

    Tow-behind flail mower

    The tow-behind flail mower is an extremely versatile rough cut mower that uses flails rather than conventional mower blades to cut grass, scrub or even small branches.
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    Tuatara Heavy-duty ATV loading ramps

    Heavy-duty ATV loading ramps

    Heavy-duty ATV loading ramps, suitable for all ATVs and heavier side-by-sides and even light vehicles. The loading ramps are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum that offers the advantage of being lightweight and corrosion-free.
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    Tuatara ATV cage

    Tuatara ATV cage

    One of our most popular accessories. This is a lightweight but very strong aluminium cage that can be easily fitted to the Tuatara side-by-side to enhance the cargo tray’s already generous carrying capacity.
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    Tuatara ATV Dog Box

    Tuatara ATV dog box

    Introducing our latest accessory for the Tuatara ATV, an exceptionally well constructed yet lightweight ATV dog box. Removable partitions give you the flexibility to create three bays to separate boisterous dogs, or one big bay if you prefer.
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